Call of Duty more popular than Star Wars

Despite the Battlefield franchise doing its best to eat into the FPS market share these past couple of years, the Call of Duty franchise has once again shown that it cannot be ignored, and is simply a powerhouse of the industry. Almost inevitably, Modern Warfare 3 has broken all pre-existing first-day sales records for any entertainment medium, with over 6.5 million sales in its first 24 hours of release. Its gross sell-through is over $400 million, obliterating Modern Warfare 2 first-day sales by a staggering $100 million.

Call of Duty is the only franchise which has broken worldwide sales records with three consecutive releases, and its worldwide sales now exceed box office takings for both Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Like it or not, any talk of Modern Warfare 3′s sales figures was likely to force comparisons to those of Battlefield 3. EA haven’t released accurate figures as of yet, but an estimated 5 million copies sold in the game’s first week make it the fastest-selling EA game of all time. Its total first-week sales, though, still fall short of MW3′s first-day sales. CoD’s popularity is there for all to see, and it’s truly staggering.


 - Rory

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